Global International Trade brings you a wide array of possibilities in matters of containers movement process, stuffing, unstuffing, and nationalized and non-nationalized inventory warehouses. For that purpose, it counts with a series of variations which adapt to the necessities of each client.


* Pick up, receipt, and/or delivery of containers, and/or non-nationalized inventory coming from port terminals.
* Stuffing and unstuffing of containers.
* Storage into suitable warehouses for each kind of importation and exportation inventories.
* IN/OUT of containers (Unloading or loading on trucks).
* Rental of physical area to general cargo, or dangerous cargo (IMO).  Residency in warehouse.
* Cargo of inventory on a lorry once released.


* Unstuffing of containers FCL (Full Container Load) / LCL (Less Container Load).
* Receipt of containers House to House Standard, Jumbo, Open Top, Flat and Reefer.
* Cleaning of empty containers to coordinate its delivery in the terminal of empties.


We have incorporated a new logistic service, which affords storage in warehouses, stock control, and distribution of nationalized inventory. It includes an excellent operational aptitude which allows us to operate with ten trucks in a simultaneous way, and a large maneuver area. The operational covered surface is of 37.674 ft² and the uncovered surface is of 37.674 ft². This allows us to afford our clients to have all the services they require, covering, in this way, all the links of the foreign trade chain.


The Duty-Free Zone La Plata is an extra customs land located at 196 ft from the most important commercial centre of Argentina. All the inventories can enter and remain in it without paying import and export fees, taxes, or duties. Besides, the operations that are realized from the free trade zone are not subject to capacity limitations or prohibitions of any kind. The inventories that are stored in the Duty-Free Zone La Plata coming from other countries shall pay the taxes for its imports, just only when they enter the general customs territory permanently.

During its residency in the zone, the imported inventories and supplies could be used as objects of quality control, change of packaging, separation of package, and any other operation that improves its commercial presentation and/or make easier its transportation. They can also be combined with national raw materials or other imported supplies for the manufacturing of products destined to third countries, within an industrial regime of free indirect taxes for exportation, which allow the enterprises that are residing in the zone to improve their competitiveness in the foreign markets.

The purpose of our company is pointed to satisfy all the necessities or those users who choose this method. In order to achieve this objective, we count on permanent offices within the Duty-Free Zone La Plata, so that we obtain a better attention, coordination and logistics of the operations.
The infrastructure consists of isolated storehouses of the latest generation. They count on permanent stock control by internet or fax.


All the inventories that enter are exempt of:
* Customs duties for importations
* Internal taxes
* Perception taxes
* Statistics rate
* Value-added tax

Others Advantages:
* No limitation of capacity for its entry
* Five-years-residency inventory
* Partial retirement without limits
* Simplicity and rapidity in the customs procedures