Outsourcing is the process in which a company indentifies a portion of its business process that could be efficiently and/or effectively performed by other company, which is hired to put into practice that business portion. This allows the first company to focus on the central function of its business.


Our mission is to provide our clients with supply services to their central operation, with quality and competitive prices that, by contributing comprehensive and effective solutions, let them to focus on strategic activities of their businesses.


We offer an integral service for the imports and exports processing of any field, in all the methods, and in the times and ways that each operation required.
We count on highly qualified professionals who allow as offering our clients with the best services by providing a major operational agility which is reflected by low costs.

Our integral service, which can be total or partially hired, includes the following services:

Customs management: Tariff classification and customs valuation; validations of destinations (final, temporary, on consignment, sample system, etc.). Presence in the different Customs of the country; free-trade zones; special customs area.

Operative-administrative management: Proposals of the best options of logistics by analyzing the mix of boarding ports, means of transportation, etc.
Monitoring of cargo, not only the purchase order arrangement aboard, but also the final delivery in the warehouse destination. Import licenses processing, origin certificates, electrical safety, and all the necessary documents for the import and export. Utilization of all the methods of payment with foreign countries.

Commercial management: Hiring of every services that are involved in the Comex operations (international cargo, insurances, local cargo, banks, etc.) by employing economies of scale. In contact with foreign tradings.

Legal management: Customs legal counseling, criminal exchange, civil, commercial (precautionary measures, appeal for legal protection, etc.).