When our clients entrust us their cargo, we assume not only the operative responsibility but also the commitment of affording them a service where they feel absolutely protected in case of any unfavorable situation by putting total emphasis on current legal regulations and taking care of the methods and proceedings that make our profession exists.


* Customs protections for the exemption of the “Advance Sworn Import Affidavit” (DJAI, by its initials in English) counseling.
* Integral counseling and the procedures about legislation, requirements, and the conditions of imported and exported transportation of inventories.
* Special inventory transportation: counseling, living animals, perishable goods, dangerous goods. Luggage. Personal stocks.
* Customs counseling and tariff classification of goods.
* Necessary requirements for its importation/exportation.
* Integral counseling of multilateral agreements. MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market), ALADI (Latin American Integration Association), etc.
* Prior integral counseling of the necessities and requirements of export boarding.
* Management counseling by inland customs.
* Counseling for competitive advantages of intra/extra zone imports.
* Counseling for preferable purchase condition based on the cargo we are going to export.
* Counseling for sale modalities and the conditions of the different methods of payment.
* Counseling for types of packaging in accordance with the product features.
* Counseling and validation in customs for import and export inventory.
* Counseling and tariff classification for import and export inventory.


Hiring of international cargo:
Global International Trade adds to its wide assortment of services, the direct hiring of international insurance, according to the following items:

General inventory coverage:

* Against all risk (No exclusions according to ADS – German insurance conditions).
* Door to Door (including IN LAND and all the risks that the inventory suffers from the moment it is taken for its transportation).
* No deductible (compensation for the totality of the damage of the inventory or the shrinkage inventory).
* 60 days in intermediate storages.
* Includes loading and downloading of the cargo.

Personal stock coverage:

* Against all risks. Door to Door.
* u$s 500 deductible.
* 60 days in intermediate storages.
* Includes loading and downloading of the cargo.

Perishable coverage:

* Against all risks (including a clause DTV Frozen Goods.
* Door to Door.
* No deductible.
* Includes: milk and its derivatives, juice, honey, meat, fish, and shellfish.
* You shall request for a special price for the non detailed loads.